Empowering Muslim women in business & creative endeavors

QUADM simply began as a market to support muslim female entrepreneurs, however it evolved into so much more. Through business and creative endeavors, we are here to support Muslim women on their journey from  dreaming to owning their own Business.  

This year, Our exclusive Ramadan Boutique will be your one stop shop for all your RAMADAN needs with our curated vendors.  Fashion, DECOR, Home, Kids, FOOD, Desserts and BEVERAGES are all in the program for you to prepare just before Ramadan. 
Other QUADM Events

Ladies Nights In are special events designed to bring together women for not only a fun evening, but an opportunity to learn from one another through exciting experiences.  Through food, art, and soulful conversation, we learn in a fun and loving environment. 

Business Workshops help existing businesses grow and encourage women who may be starting their own for the first time. A panel of experts in various fields come together to help them navigate their passions and expectations with tangible and realistic practices. 
Stay tuned for any future events 

Email us at quadmshops@gmail.com

We are located in Sunny Southern California.

If you are interested in participating as a vendor, please fill out the form below so we can contact you when we announce future events -

If you are interested in showcasing your unique talent, being a part of or volunteering at a QUADM Event please reach out to us at quadmshops@gmail.com

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"I had such a wonderful time at QuadM. I got to recconnect with old friends and shop my favorite brands and find new ones."
"I've been to so many markets but this was different. There was something special in the air MashaAllah!"
"QuadM had a special vibe."
"Your business workshop gave me exactly the tools I needed to start my small business!"