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2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074
October 8. 2023
Plano Events Center

QUADM Welcomes Men, Women & Children! 

 *ALL attendees aged 5+ will need a ticket to enter the event. 4 years and under enter free.

Everyone 5 years and older coming to QUADM needs a ticket and here are your options:


11am to 12pm + All Day Shopping Pass until 5pm

Early Access before everyone else at 11am to get your gifts below & get first dibs on shopping! 



12pm to 5pm 

All day shopping pass and access to Talks, Kids Activities + Demos

12:30pm to 2:30pm - Kids Program/Fitness Session/Nasheed 

3pm to 5pm - Inspiring Talks and Demos.

Food, coffee and dessert options available for purchase.
Arrive anytime after 12pm


QUADM Welcomes Men, Women & Children! 

 *ALL attendees aged 5+ will need a ticket to enter the event. 4 years and under enter free.


Do you provide babysitting? 

Sorry, no. 

Can I drop my kids off for the Kids Program by themselves? 

Sorry, no. An adult must be present with your kids at all times. We are not responsible for the safety of your children. The talks will be taking place in the main hall and we also need to ensure that all children are respectful when each session is taking place. 

My family is coming to QUADM, including my husband. I'm an Elevated Experience Ticket holder, do my husband and kids need tickets? 

Yes, everyone coming to QUADM needs a ticket. He should purchase the All day general admission ticket for himself and kids aged 5 and over.  You will enter at 11am for Elevated and your husband and kids can enter at 12pm for General Admission. OR You can come closer to the end of the 12pm to get your gifts and go in and shop together. 

I'm an Elevated Experience ticket holder and coming with my kids. What do I do?

Kids are not allowed inside during the Elevated Experience. If your kids are 5+ its best that you arrive closer to 12pm, get your gifts and then take them inside with you to shop. All children 5+ will need a ticket so they can get in to enjoy our Kids Program at 12:30pm

Does my husband need a general admission ticket if he's watching the kids at the Kids program?

Yes, he would need a general admission ticket.  In addition to our market, we have halal food and coffee options he will have access to. 

I would like to get Elevated Experience Tote and goodies but cannot make it between 11 and 12. What can I do? 

We will have your package waiting for you at registration, however we cannot hold perishable food items

If I am part of Elevated Experience and my mother/sister/friend wants to come shop but not do Elevated Experience, what can I do? 

Arrive closer to 12pm to get your goodies and you all can enter at 12pm. 

Do I need a general ticket if I'm purchasing an Elevated Experience Ticket? 

No! Your Elevated Experience Ticket INCLUDES an all day shopping pass for you to enjoy till closing! 

Will there be Halal food options for my family at QUADM?

YES! We will have Halal Burgers, Chicken Tenders, Nachos, Tater Tots,  snacks more for purchase! 

Can my husband/brother/father come to QUADM?

YES! The entire family is welcome to QUADM.  We're looking forward to making this year's QUADM a community event for every member of the family to enjoy.  

Can my husband/brother/father come listen to the talks?

YES! The entire family is welcome to QUADM.  Some talks might be interesting to a wide audience. 

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