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Thoughtful Islamic pieces that lead to meaningful conversations. Accentuate the beauty of your space with modern, traditional & farmhouse style pieces

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Amasi Decor (formerly Kanzi Store) is all about helping Muslims celebrate Ramadan & Eid in an effortless and elegant way. We believe that high style and trendy design should be available for all major holidays.

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ange clothing and jewelry

Ange Clothing & Jewelry 

Is a one stop online boutique for western wear, abayas, jewelry, accessories, shoes, kids clothing, etc. Bringing to customers the latest and trendiest fashion and style. 

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Modern, educational Arabic books for children

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art and wilderness institute

Art and Wilderness Institutes provides programs for Adults, kids, and everyone in between. We strive to connect you to the environment through creativity, exploration, science, and all subjects imaginable. We have everything from plant medicine classes to journalism, survival, field art classes, and custom classes for your school or private group.


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crown your occasions

Crown your occasion is a company that was created by moms who are passionate about using their creativity and talent to offer unique creations. What began as a selective line of products for Ramadan and Eid has quickly expanded to include customized gifts & party packages, event planning and decoration services. Not only do they provide something that is uniquely you and authentic but their products reflect beauty and elegance. Be sure to checkout their 2019 Ramadan collections and crown your loved ones with exclusive gifts!

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Darya Accessories

One of a kind handmade statement Clutches! 

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DeenHubb aspires to inspire love for the Deen in our young believers. We source beautifully curated products and books, mostly from Southeast Asia, that we believe can help parents instil a strong Islamic identity in their young ones. We are the US distributor for several brands including the super cute buttons (and other novelties) from Kuala Lumpur-based OwhSoMuslim) and Arabic felt flash cards from Malaysia-based MyBabyCanRead. 

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Ethar Collection

Modest Evening Wear. Classically Designed. 


Ethár is a luxury eveningwear line that focuses on creating high quality and classically designed modest garments for the sophisticated women. Long sleeves, maxi length, fully lined garments made of exquisite fibers and detail construction helps meet faith based requirements of dress while promoting women of dignity.

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Eva’s Desserts are a unique blend of contemporary design with Mediterranean flavors. Eva is known for her signature baklava cheesecake, pistachio rose cake and date cookies! 

Delivers nationwide! 

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hasuna + Haseena

After seeing a lack of comfortable and stylish ethnic clothing, Hasuna + Haseena was born. Our range of kurtas are handmade with comfort and playfulness in mind. Perfect for any occasion from weddings to family get-togethers to ramadan and eid.

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infinite abaya

Infinite Abaya is a an online boutique dedicated to providing stylish and modest apparel.  Each piece is personally curated to be classic, timeless and affordable. At Infinite Abaya, we strive to make each day a bit more beautiful.


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jewel thief by afreen

Jewel Thief is a jewelry line inspired by the past and created for the present. Brass and silver, gold plated and adorned with semi precious stones makes it affordable without losing its aura. Jewel Thief draws most of its inspiration from Arabic Calligraphy and the ancient Ottoman empire. The use of semi precious metals and jewels is prevalent throughout the line, and gold plating is a major component. Each piece is handcrafted by expert artisans who are truly master craftsmen. Jewel Thief is fun, affordable, and yet maintains a very classy vibe.

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Crescent Star Creations is a company created to invoke excitement & love for Islam and its holiday using home decor. Celebrating Islam with elegance and style!


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kinza online

BIDAYA and KINZA, both pride ourselves on conscious material sourcing, and fabrication to bring you a product that is beautiful through and through. All caftans, jewelry and scarves are carefully crafted locally in small batches, either with our own hands or by fabricators who embody our same philosophy. That is, there is nothing more beautiful than chasing grace in everything you do and it shows.

Shop BIDAYA and KINZA and elevate your style with luxurious fabrics, unique prints and semi-precious stones, all in timeless designs.

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Award-winning Knafeh! Serving Royal unity and happiness with every bite. We deliver nationwide!

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We are a mother/daughter team that created our own skin care line with our backgrounds in medicine and science. All our products are vegan, cruelty free and aimed at a population that is looking for less harsh alternatives that are without toxins and additives like dyes and fragrances. A lot of research goes into our formulations and we truly pride ourselves in this process. 

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Leia is a clothing brand that stands for women empowerment, equality, and ethical values.  

All styles are designed and made in Los Angeles, California.


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Inspired by the abundance of natural resources in the Levant, we developed all-natural, high-quality skincare products to rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Our goal is to continue the timeless tradition of using natural resources to heal and nurture the skin. We establish unique blends using all plant-based natural ingredients, exotic oils, and herbs while avoiding harsh chemicals and additives. We at Levant Beauty are dedicated to helping you regain your skin’s healthy glow and natural beauty. 

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madiha creates

Madiha Creates is run by a mom who just wants to spread the beauty of Islam through her creativity. She also has a great passion for her native language, Urdu  which shows in her products. She makes mugs, cards, prints, and so much more. 

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Milk 'n Dates Design 

Islamic Home Decor Combined with Rustic Farmhouse Charm.

Normalizing our beautiful religion in your homes for Muslims and non Muslims alike. 

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At the heart of young ladies today, is the desire to be different, independent, and seen as a trendsetter among one's peers. The aim of MU Girls©, is to give young Muslim girls the encouragement to be themselves while still representing their religious beliefs. MU Girls© shows that even while covered, you can have fun and be different. This is what makes Muslim girls around the world, beautiful and unique. The uniqueness of MU Girls©, combines religious aspects with the goals of many girls living in western countries.

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Crochet Items made by Syrian refugee women at the Open Arms in Kayseri centre in Turkey. 

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Created in 2008, Prolance is a book publishing service. We focus on quality! By following each client's custom set of standards, design and artistic styles, Prolance will cater to your needs no matter how simple or complex. With an excellent grasp on the English language and its mechanics and with a great attention to detail, Prolancefocuses on perfecting any project with fast service and at a low cost.

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For the conservative modest woman on the go..

Garments that do not need dry cleaning chemicals that effects the environment. Wash and dry in the dryer guarantee no shrinkage. No hang tags or plastic bags used for packaging minimalist approach safer for the environment. 

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Premier provider of surf-inspired, full-coverage, UV-protective swimwear for the modesty-conscious and sun-sensitive woman. **Made in the USA**

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sweet epiphany

A buttery crust, a luscious layer of fudgy milk chocolate, topped off with crunchy toffee bits and nuts- meet the Sweet Epiphany toffee bar! Fresh, Decadent, Melt-in-your-mouth goodness! 

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sugar'd by k

Organic when possible, Pure and Natural Always! Preservative-free Sugar Scrubs and Intensely Moisturizing Skin Butters for Body. 

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Treasured Adornment offers handmade jewelry and accessories perfect for every occasion, including Weddings and everyday wear featuring Islamic and spiritual reminders. Currently trending items include: Mommy & Me matching jewelry, hand stamped cuff bracelets, Hijab pins and Gemstone bracelets.

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Yafa Queen from California is a one woman business. I make handmade soaps, lotions made to order, lip balms , face and body scrubs and masks , hair masks and oils , body butters ,deodorants , facial and body lotion bars , gel Eye Serum , massage candles, body powder and a lot more.

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Yasmeen Dahdoul Studio 

Yasmeen Dahdoul Studio is a luxurious private salon. I cater to all women & inclusive beauty is the standard. This beautiful studio is a woman only salon. 

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