Thank you for being a QUADM Sponsor! By supporting our event you are helping Muslim Women in Business and Creative endeavors. Their success ensures the success of our Ummah by empowering them to become financial contributors in our society thus leading to the growth of the Muslim Community and allowing us to plant roots in this country that lay the foundation for our future generations. Thank you from us and the amazing and talented hard working women in our community!


Your participation will include - 


1. Dedicated Social Media Post for your brand 

2. Tote bag given to 200 serious shoppers with your company’s logo and website information  

3. Sharing any material such as flyer or coupon code inside the tote and online to ensure serious shoppers have your promotion for post market shopping.

4. Flyer/marketing material at the event itself.

5. Your information will be added on our website for all atteedees to access when they come searching for brands represented at the market. 

6. Your information will be added to the follow-up email sent to all attendees so they know how to find you directly.

QUADM Sponsor