This is your fee for a One Day Irvine Business License. The normal fee would be $54. This is a group rate per vendor acquired by special permission for QuadM from the City of Irvine. If you run your business from the City of Irvine then you should already have an Irvine Business License. This license is only for vendors who do not run their business from the City Irvine. If you prefer to have an annual license directly from the City of Irvine you can apply for your license directly using the link below and pay their fee of $54. If you already have an Irvine Business License from last year and got a notice to renew it is your choice if you would like to renew for the whole year for $54 or just apply for a one day license through us.


This fee is non-refundable if you choose to or are unable to join the market after booking your booth. 

Irvine Business License Fee