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QuadM Ladies Night In

December 8th, 2018

Irvine , CA 92618

5:30pm to 10pm

     Our theme for this event is being Authentically, You and we have some amazing speakers to enlighten us on this topic. In a world full of people portraying their perfect selves on social media, we are here to support and encourage you to be your authentic self and embrace the special woman you are! 

Event time - 5:30pm to 10pm. Desserts and Drinks. Please eat dinner at home and come enjoy our amazing variety of desserts. 




Modern Calligraphy 101 Lesson - Artist Mariya Razak @mariyamuse

     Have you ever seen all the beautiful modern calligraphy fonts and wished you could learn to write like that? Well, wish no more! Mariya will be teaching attendees how to get those perfect swirls in a 45 minute lesson. 


How to make Kashmiri Chai and simple desserts to serve with it -                             

Food Curator Fiona Motala @fionamotala

     We believe food should be beautiful and so does food curator Fiona and we are so excited to learn how to make delectable Pink Kashmiri Chai and an exotic dessert to go with it. We promise you will be tickled pink! No pun intended! 


Starting your morning right with a healthy and easy breakfast for                          women on the go - Tastebud Therapist  Raghad Jalanbo @Savvychef

     How often have you reached for an unhealthy breakfast because you were too busy caring for others? Well, we have enlisted Raghad to share her power packed, nutritious and easy breakfast recipes to power us up for the whole day! That's right ladies - fill your cup first! 


Soulful Poetry - Haniya Malik @poetrybyhaniya

    Poetry that touches the very core of your existence. It's real, it's raw and you don't want to miss it! 


Designing amazing spaces with unique finds - Design tips from Sara                            Mertaban @girlrefurbished

     Do you love having a story behind things in your home? Sara sure does and she is going to share with us how to find these meaningful pieces that weave a beautiful story and help make your home a place that brings you serenity and joy. 


Skincare to enhance your natural beautySarah Ahmad @urbantonix & Kiirston Valverde @sugardbyk

    Let your inner and outer beauty shine through! Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Sarah and Kiirston will teach us how to keep our outer self glowing to let our inner light shine through with their all natural skincare products. 


Delectable Desserts

Gourmet Cookies - @lilascookies

Knafeh - @knafehqueens

Custom Cupcakes & Cheesecakes - @sugarhues

Toffee Cookie Bars - @sweetepiphany.oc

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - @farahxhali


Exclusive products for perusing

Infinite Abaya -  Women's Clothing @infiniteabaya

Urban Tonix - Natural Skincare products @urbantonix

Sugard - Sugar Scrubs @sugardbyk

Charm Box - Jewelry @thecharmboxjewelry

The Rustik Home - Islamically inspired home products @therustikhome













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Tastebud Therapist, Raghad Jalanbo
Artist, Mariya Razak
Food Curator, Fiona Motala
Sugar'd by K, Kiirston Valverde
Lifestyle Blogger, Sara Mertaban
The Sugar Hues
Sweet Epiphany
LK Cookies
Gourmet Strawberries, Farah Halim
Sugar'd by K
The Charmbox Jewelry
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Infinite Abaya
Urban Tonix
The Charm Box
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