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Join Our Tribe

QUADM is a two-day annual Pre-Ramadan market in Sunny Southern California meant to

support Muslim Women's businesses (owned, supported or affiliated) that are catered to the Muslim community. It is a curated Collection of the Perfect Muslim Lifestyle Products and Services.


QUADM is an event that promotes positivity, creativity, and support.  If you feel this is right for you, please join us

bi ithn Allah (with Allah's permission). 

We are so thrilled to be providing an opportunity for Muslim women to share their creative products and services and provide a one-stop pre-Ramadan shopping experience for the entire family.  


All products and services are welcome; hand made, home made, hand selected or curated by you. However, it is important that your business is led by YOU for you to participate. 


We believe in community, not competition and encourage every shop who wants to be a part of our mission to say Bismillah and join us. Our goal is to support and build all Muslim women. We will advertise all QUADM vendors online and in person at no additional cost to help them build their brand. Your success is our success. 

Our 2022 Market will be held at a gorgeous storefront at The Tustin Marketplace in Irvine from 11am to 5pm. 

Please note that QUADM reserves the right to choose vendors based on originality, product quality and relevance and that only a certain number of vendors can join in each category. 

Like everyone else, we are also subjected to following mandates by the State of California and will be planning on following any rules and regulations set forth by the state. 

Booth Spaces will range from $250- 375 per day.  Included in the price will be:


- Booth space only 

- Individual Instagram post on our page

- Shared on our Social Media stories if tagged and whenever possible

- QUADM team available for your support, needs and questions

-Business name listed on QuadM event pages- website, Instagram and Facebook

Please email if you'd like to participate. 

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