QuadM Business Workshop

~ "A Flower Does Not Compete with the flowers around it. It just Blooms." ~

QuadM is a market in Sunny Southern California meant to

support Muslim women (owned, supported or affiliated) businesses that are catered to the Muslim community! It is a Collection of the Perfect Muslim Lifestyle Products and Services.


Through our last event with over 500 attendees, we've realized just how incredibly talented our community is and we just scratched the surface.  We plan on organizing an event that promotes positivity, creativity, and support!  If you feel this is right for you, please go ahead and read more information on QuadM and sign up below,

bi ithn Allah (with Allah's permission). 

We are so thrilled to be providing an opportunity for Muslim women to share their creative products and services and provide a one-stop shopping experience for women in our community!


All products and services are welcome; hand made, home made, hand selected or curated by you. 


We believe in community, not competition, and we encourage every shop who wants to be a part of our mission to say Bismillah and join us! Our goal is to support and build all Muslim women. This is a mom and kids event with something for everyone so please share this with your family and friends! 


Here is some important Vendor Information and Guidelines: 



Date, Location & Time:

The prestigious Hangar located right in the heart of Irvine in the Orange County Great Park. This location is majestic and enchanting.  There is plenty of FREE parking for our guests. It is conveniently located off the 5 Freeway off the exit Sand Canyon. 


Orange County Great Park

The Hangar

8000 Great Park Blvd.

Irvine, CA 92618

Saturday March 23rd 2019 

Event Time: 11am - 5pm



Vendor registration for QuadM will be open until March 9th 2019.

Please choose your booth location and pay the fee to secure your spot. Booth rentals are on a first come, first serve basis.  


Booth Fees:

$135 to $275 (depending on location)

6x3 or 8x8 ft indoor booth space.

Table Rental - $15

 (Please note that in order to increase business for our vendors the event is FREE for the attendees. There will be a $10 Early Bird shopping ticket for a kid-free and first dibs shopping experience for our guests that includes special discounts and giveaways. However from 12pm to 5pm this event is FREE.)

Vendors must stay within the booth space allotted. Some booth spaces have a wall behind them, some spaces will have another vendor space behind them. We only provide the space, vendors can provide whatever design they wish within that space including pipe and drape. Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean and for cleaning up their area and surrounding area after the event is over. Please help us get out in time by keeping your area clean. 


Display, set up and break down: 

You are welcome to set up your space as you see fit as long as everything in your booth is safe for surrounding passerbys and all your decor is free standing. Nothing can be attached to the walls of the venue. You are welcome to bring your own draping and props. 

Vendors will be able to set up from 9am to 11am. Event doors will open precisely at 11am and close at 5pm. Break down begins at 5pm and all products must be out by 7pm.

Collecting Payment from Customers: 

Each vendor will need to collect the money for their own sales and provide change and bags for their guests. We encourage our vendors to accept cash, checks, and credit cards. For anyone selling for the first time please reach out to us about how to accept Credit Card Payments if you need to.  Someone will need to be at the booth for the entire event. Wifi is not available so please make arrangements for a hotspot if you need it.


QuadM cannot guarantee sales. However we are here to support all your needs! Please reach out to us if you'd like to discuss ideas or need a sounding board or guidance. Please also note that monetary value at this event is not a benchmark for your success. You will be gaining exposure, increasing your customer base, getting more followers, getting first hand feedback, helping your brand become a household name and most importantly you will be making history by being a part of a Muslim Women's Lifestyle Market that supports Muslim Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovative spirit! 


Social Media Advertising: 

For those vendors who are interested in being highlighted on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) please send us photos and we will create a post for you. There is NO FEE for us to promote your goods or services on our social media pages, we simply want to help.


Kids Activities:

The Orange County Great Park is an amazing area with a playground, carousel and balloon ride and plenty of open space for families to keep their children occupied. We will have kid free shopping for early bird customers from 11am to 12pm and kids will be allowed in the venue after 12pm so please plan accordingly. 

QuadM will be a welcoming and encouraging place for all Muslim Women to showcase their talents and share ideas.  We truly have worked hard to make it an enriching event.  Please let us know how we can support you and your needs to help you present your best self!


Questions? Please email quadmshops@gmail.com


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Here is the map :