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Our Story

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Asalaamu Alaykum!

We are Lubna Saadeh and Shahzia Rahman from sunny Southern California and the founders of QUADM, The Modern Market for the Muslimah Maker - a brand created to empower Muslim women in business with unique talents, points of views and women who want to make a difference in their community.  It is imperative for the Muslim woman to be a part of the economic fabric in our country so that we may establish roots here for generations to come. We are extremely passionate about providing opportunities for every woman out there who believes in our vision of supporting one  another and having a space where collaborations and unique visions come together to empower each other as a whole. Whether it's something that is handmade, bought, designed, represented, curated or a service or talent you provide, we welcome you to join our tribe. We have different events throughout the year so please stay in touch. 

We pray for the tawfeeq (success) for everyone involved in this project. This is just the beginning, in sha Allah (god willing). 


Lubna & Shaz

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